Interested in Apprenticeships?

Earn and Learn with Leeds City College!

If you're aged 16 or over and looking to find a job – why not work and get a qualification at the same time? 

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes, combining employment and a qualification, meaning you’ll get the opportunity to develop your skills to match employer requirements through a mixture of on and off the job learning. Another benefit is that, as well as better progression opportunities, you’ll potentially benefit from better wages long-term. 

Leeds City College & Keighley College have a wide and varied apprenticeship offer covering all industry sectors.

Apprenticeships are available at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Levels - which means you can even achieve a degree through Apprenticeships! It's a great alternative to University. 

So why wait? Get In, Go Far! View our current vacancies here.

Already Employed?

Alternatively, if you are already working and your current employer is willing to support your learning through an Apprenticeship, they need to contact 0113 386 1997 / to discuss the development of an Apprenticeship for you and complete the necessary paperwork.