The future looks 'bright' for Enterprise & Employability Student, Hira

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The future looks bright for Enterprise & Employability Student, Hira


Hira Nasir Malik won the Enterprise & Employability Student of the Year at the Star Awards. With a passion for student and community engagement initiatives, Hira was an instrumental member of her class and was the Students’ Union course representative.

She successfully completed a transnational placement in Finland in partnership with Oulu Vocational College, where she was an advocate for Leeds City College. She also completed her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

We caught up with her to discuss the award, her trip to Finland and what she has planned next.


What made you pick the course you studied?

To be honest, I didn’t really plan on doing this course, it was, in some ways, a last minute choice because I couldn’t get on to the course that I had in mind, which was the Level 2 Applied Science. However, I am glad that I ended up getting on the Enterprise & Employability course because I have really enjoyed it and it has benefited me in so many ways.

What are your career ambitions?

I am interested in going into the social sciences sector. I am particularly interested in Psychology, but you never know, I might end up doing something totally different. I would like to go on to University and hopefully get a job in the sector that I have studied for.

Tell us about your placement in Finland?

Finland was probably one of the highlights of my time at Leeds City College. It was a great opportunity. I was so excited to go and while there were some ups and downs, especially getting a little home sick, it was amazing and something I will never forget. I travelled with three other girls, two of whom I had never met before. Finland really helped us to get to know each other. We worked as a team. We have become really good friends since then and keep in touch often.

You completed a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, what sorts of tasks did you have to complete?

Duke of Edinburgh was also one of my highlights of my time at college. It was a good experience that involved a lot of team work. Completed it with a number of my classmates and I think it really helped us connect as a group. We had to complete tasks such as map reading, which was a bit of challenge as most of us were not very good at it but overall, we learnt a lot.

 What are some of the challenges you faced during your course and what helped you overcome them?

I would say probably the most challenging thing, in my opinion, was getting to know everyone in my group and have an amicable relationship with them. I joined the course in October, which was a few weeks after everyone else, so I found it a bit difficult to communicate with everyone at the beginning because most people had already formed their friendship circles. However, I soon settled in and came into my own.

What was the feeling when you found out you had been nominated/won the Student of the Year Award for your course?

Honestly, it was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t believe it at first, I didn’t  expect it at all but, it was such a happy and proud moment for me, my teachers, and my family. I kept focused and worked hard but never expected that my work would be recognised, so it was a pleasant surprise, one I will never forget.

What keeps you motivated?

My parents and teachers support, because without it, I really don’t think I would be motivated for anything at all. Knowing that you are making someone proud or that they support you makes you want to push yourself to do great things.

What are some of the things about Leeds City College that contributed to your overall experience?

I would say, mainly my teachers and my friends. They were really great and extremely supportive. They have definitely played a major role in my overall experience and college.

What is next on the cards for you?

I have applied for an access course to social science, which is a one year. Hopefully I will get in, and if I complete the course successfully, I would like to go on to uni to do a degree in Psychology.