Student shares experience of becoming a police officer

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Student shares experience of becoming a police officer

William Metcalf studied the Public Services Extended Diploma Level 3 at Leeds City College and is now working in the industry as a police officer. Here, he tells us about his role and experience at the college.

Tell us about your experience

“I am currently a serving police officer in West Yorkshire. Before that, I worked as a police community support officer for two years. This would not have been possible without the Public Services course at Leeds City College. It gave me a footing that I took with me when applying to be part of West Yorkshire Police. The course was not only enjoyable with interesting subjects but it was specifically relevant to the line of work I am doing now.”

Tell us a bit more about your role

“I am a response officer where I’m predominantly responding to and attending incidents made to us on 999 or 101 and dealing with those. I also investigate crimes and deal with suspects. There are many other responsibilities in my job such as safeguarding the public, locating missing people, dealing with and supporting individuals with mental health issues and much more.

What made you want to join the police?

“I have wanted to join the police ever since I was young. I wanted a job that was not only rewarding but where no two days were the same. I wanted to protect and support members of the public as well as bringing criminals to the courts for the crimes they have committed and in general making our communities safer.”

What did the police recruitment process entail?

“When I went through the process, it involved an online application with varied questions about my skills and life experiences. I also had to do a fitness test and an assessment day involving exam papers and role plays.”

How did the Public Services course help you get to where you are now?

“It was the starting point of my progression into the public services. Throughout the course, with the aid of my teachers, I attained knowledge in the various sectors and government agencies and how they operate in our country.

“It allowed me to take part in various practical events with the police and fire services etc, providing me with the opportunity to gain links with different public services, especially with the police.

“In addition to the qualifications I attained, I learnt other life skills such as leadership, time management, decision making, team work and many more; all of which I use in my everyday life. The skills I gained and developed through the course have helped massively in my work as a police officer.”

What’s next for you?

“I could branch out into different departments within the police such as detective work or potentially firearms and much more.”


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