Student finds his passion for education

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Student finds his passion for education

Callum Reynolds is this year’s Progression Studies Student of the Year. Since joining Leeds City College, he discovered his passion for education and is on his way to becoming a teacher. We caught up with him to find out about his experience.

How has your time been at college?

“My experience at Leeds City College has been amazing. During high school, I wasn't really interested in education and felt like my opinion wasn’t valued. In college, I was treated like an equal. The whole experience helped me find my passion for education again. 

“I have had some issues with mental health since I was about 13. In, 2015 I dropped out of high school and became a recluse. This year was my first time back into education, and it came with challenges such as getting back into a routine of going to college and being around a lot of people on a daily basis.

“Once I conquered this feeling, I was happy until my mother was sectioned and I needed to live with my grandmother. During this time, it was very hard to focus on college as I was worried about my mum and siblings but I managed to persevere.”

You carried out work experience at college. Tell us about that.

“I was tasked with helping students around the classroom, creating work resources, and photocopying. My supervisor asked me if I wanted to do an introduction for her class and I gladly accepted. After that, I led some reading exercises and suggested ways we could improve the experience. This included students playing the part of different characters within the text and encouraging quieter students to read. These tasks taught me about behind-the- scenes of being a teacher and the work needed to be one. The whole experience helped me realise that teaching was right for me. 

“I've always loved English since a very early age, being able to think things up and putting it on paper was always a passion of mine, it started off with slam poetry in year 8 but then progressed on to creative writing. In year 11, I started my own after-school poetry club and it gave me my first experience in teaching students, and since then I knew I wanted to teach. It wasn't until the work experience that I decided to fully aim for it, before then, I was set on working in a bar or in the food industry.”

What’s next for you?

“I’m studying for A levels right now, a step on my path to becoming a teacher. This year has taught me that not everything has to be linear, and that your education doesn't need to be straightforward. 

“I would like to add that I'm thankful for my amazing tutors on this course, the amount of times they've supported me when I've come into their staff room in tears is immeasurable, and is something I'm truly grateful for. I'm glad that I was able to study at such an amazing college with an abundance of amazing people.”