Leeds City College hosts workshops for British Science Week

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Leeds City College hosts workshops for British Science Week


Students from Roundhay School and the 14+ Apprenticeship Academy took part in a series of workshops to celebrate British Science Week.

Taking place between 10 and 19 March, British Science Week aims to encourage hands-on demonstrations at schools. Leeds City College hosted a number of computer science events that were well received by students involved.

Among the workshops, was an introduction to Software Development and Roboteknix, which looked at controlling technology such as robots, using simple programming techniques. The students enjoyed learning about coding and putting it into practice using miniature Lego robots.

Erin Belgrave, a 15 year old student from the 14+ Apprenticeship Academy, said: “I found the robot session really useful and interesting. I enjoy coding and this gave me more knowledge about the subject which I will continue to practice. It made me realise that I definitely want to study computing and programming after my GCSEs.”

Other workshops included Networking and Security which focused on the principles of a computer network, as well as Maths, Physics and Engineering.