Head of Visual Arts exhibits his work

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Head of Visual Arts exhibits his work

At Leeds City College, we pride ourselves on the expertise and professional backgrounds of our teaching staff. Many of them are still practitioners in their fields; allowing them to keep up with new developments and impart current, relevant information and skills to our students.

Head of Visual & Digital Arts, Kevin O’Hare, remains an active participant in the field of art. For over 10 years, Kevin has been pursuing a project he calls Plastic Games, inspired by Connect4.

He has a scrapbook of Connect4 prints that he has created and carries with him everywhere and plays the game with strangers and friends. If he wins the game, he keeps the artwork and if the other player wins, they get to keep it. 

He said: “It occurred to me fairly early on as an art student that perhaps an artist has only one idea that manifests itself in a variety of different ways; ways we call styles, subjects, and meanings.

“I like the concept of elevating a child-like every day object or image to the status of art. The simple image of this plastic toy operates on a number of levels for me; it reminds me of pop art and hard-edge minimalist abstraction of the same period.

“The primary colours and gridded effect are like Mondrian and De Stijl. Dutch painter, Mondrian, once alluded to ‘plastic games’ when talking about his paintings. I also like the references to strategy and the stalemate you get when the board is filled up with the yellow and red counters.

“I have also used the Connect4 motif to communicate ideas of geo-political conflicts, moral dichotomies and military stalemates; so often present in the news. There’s a fine tradition of using childish things as metaphors for ‘grown-up issues’ in art.”

Kevin will be exhibiting some of his work at the Brunswick in Leeds on the week commencing 4 September from 2pm.