Enfield Centre students celebrate Norooz

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Enfield Centre students celebrate Norooz


Students at The Enfield Centre celebrated Norooz, the Persian New Year that honours renewal and rebirth, symbolised by the coming of Spring.

The team created an Iranian feast and encouraged students to dress up in traditional Persian clothing to fully immerse in the culture. The Centre was also decorated with ceremony items, emanating colour and ritual.

The delectable menu consisted of fesenjan, a rich dish made with pomegranate puree and walnuts, gheymeh bademjan, a stew made with yellow split peas, aubergines and dried limes followed by a delicious dessert called shollehzard, made with pudding rice, rose water and pistachios. These fragrant dishes were expertly prepared by chef, Natasha Amini, who drew inspiration from her Iranian heritage.

Jennie Cole, ESOL Teacher at the Enfield Centre, said: “Bringing communities together is what we do so well. Some students can experience isolation and a degree of loneliness and having a celebration such as this gives them a greater sense of being part of a community at Enfield and an opportunity to share aspects of their culture with others.”

Norooz usually occurs on March 21, and is celebrated for over 3,000 years in Western and Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Black Sea Basin and the Balkans.