Catering students get a taste of traditional French breads

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Catering students get a taste of traditional French breads


Bakery and Patisserie students at Printworks Campus have enjoyed a two-day masterclass of French and British bread making as part of its collaboration with French training provider AFORMAC.

Bakers from employers Boulangerie Patisserie “Vanessa and Cedric”, and Boulangerie Patisserie “Au Tourment D’ Amour”, visited the campus to show students the different techniques and processes that go into making traditional French breads.

They produced a selection of artisan breads, croissants and other regional French breads.

Additionally our students led on showing the bakers examples of classic British breads including bloomers, teacakes and soda bread.

All of the products made over the two days were presented and displayed on campus by the wives of the bakers, who assist in running the businesses.



Caitlin Wilson, Level 3 Student in Bakery found it interesting to see how different the techniques are: “We learnt more about fermentation and how to present breads properly.

The bakers had a great approach when teaching us because although we do not speak the same language they were patient and helpful in showing us the methods.”

Cedric Loget and Adrien Bussiere began their visit with a tour of Printworks followed by lunch at onsite restaurant, The Food Academy.

They have both found the visit eye opening, Cedric said: “We have introduced and opened their minds to a new way of living and thinking. It has been a great learning experience as we have shared and collaborated on ideas and the students are not afraid to try our techniques.”

Adrien added: “Everyone has been very welcoming at college and we’ve realised that even though language can be a barrier we all share the same passion for bread-making.”

The college is working with AFORMOC as part of a work experience scheme, whereby students spend three weeks working in a French bakery/ patisserie, living with a French family and learning new techniques.

After these classes Level 3 student James Lawrence can confidently say he has worked on new products: “I made Soda and Rye bread for the first time! I feel fortunate that we get opportunities like this at college that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

Another French baker, Thierry Dumouchel, supplied specific flour to ensure the products were at a very high standard. He has also invited students to his bakery in Garforth to give them more of an insight of the life of a French baker in the UK.

Fabrice Teston, Lecturer in Bakery and Patisserie at Leeds City College is hoping to build on these relationships to give students more opportunities internationally: “We have been sending our bakery and patisserie students to France for the past eight years and they have come back with valuable experience and memories. The masterclasses we have put on are because of our positive relationships with these employers and we only want this to grow continually. ”