CyberFirst Defenders Summer School

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Monday 16th July
9am - 4pm

CyberFirst Defenders Summer School

Leeds City College is proud to announce a week long non residential summer school at its Printworks Campus to help nurture and develop the next generation of students in cyber security.

CyberFirst Defenders is a government run initiative to help address the skills gap within the cyber security industry. The summer school has been created for 14-17 year old students with an interest in computing.

The course complements the GCSE computing curriculum and takes it a step further, offering practical methods to help protect and secure everyday devices, apps and software.

The students will have hands-on experience of cyber security and will have the opportunity to learn how to protect themselves and their own family network.

Daily plan:

Day 1: Insecure by default

This day focuses on introducing the students to the world’s fascinating web and developing their understanding of the evolution of the internet and its use. Students are encouraged to build their own team network.

Day 2: Securing your devices

The focus of this workshop is to develop students understanding of good practice for securing common devices. Students will practice their new found knowledge by breaking, fixing and securing the devices on their team network.

Day 3: Understanding networks

We will look at the wide variety of attackers; who are they and what are their motivations?

Day 4: Securing yourself

The operating system is the interface between the user and the device, making it a valuable target to attackers. In this module we explore how the operating system can be attacked and secured.

Day 5: Securing family and friends

This is an opportunity for the students to implement the skills that they have learnt over the four days, in everyday life. They will look specifically at online trust and mobile security.

Students will be expected to travel to and from Leeds City College on their own. Lunch and refreshments will be provided across the summer school.

Deadline for applications are Friday 29 June.

Please be advised that there are limited spaces for this summer school and only successful applications will be accepted.

Please be aware that transport is not included.

This is an incredible opportunity to get real hands on experience in cyber security.

If you would like any further information about the event, please contact Tanisha Singla via email or on 0113 386 1839, or alternatively, email the School Liaison Team on

Event at a glance

Monday 16th July
9am - 4pm