Student Profile - Prudence Wright

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Student Profile - Prudence Wright


I am in my first year of my Business and Management foundation degree. I Studied at Harrogate Ladies’ College for 8 years and did my GCSEs and A-levels there. My grades were not very high despite all the help I got. My German GCSE and French and German A-level was not so much of a problem for me but other subjects were.

I was advised by my boyfriend to take a Business degree. At first I was uncertain because of the amount of academic ability I lacked in.

When I applied to Leeds City College, they were supportive from the day I came in for my interview even though I had not started the course.

I get so much weekly support and I am so happy that my grades are no longer as low as they used to be. College days only take up 1 and ½ days a week and I have recently started a part time job. I now feel more confident to contribute in lessons without feeling ‘stupid’. The classroom atmosphere also makes it a lot easier to learn in than if it was in a university lecture room because I am taught not spoken to and the teachers are accessible throughout the week in person, phone and by email.