Student Profile Becky Clift

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Student Profile Becky Clift



Apprentice Becky Clift completed her apprenticeship and landed a permanent job with the employer she trained with. The Apprenticeships team at Leeds City College matched her to a business administration job at Spire Methley Park Hospital. The Hospital, which had never employed an apprentice before were impressed with the matching service - and with Becky’s performance from day one.

Carol Richardson, Patient Admin Manager at Spire said “It was a pleasure to train someone in their job from the beginning, and to work with someone so keen to learn. Becky picked things up really quickly. We were able to take her through the whole admin process and give her a chance to sample most of the admin posts at the hospital during her apprenticeship.”

Becky said “It’s really built up my confidence. I was made to feel part of the company from the beginning and I’ve learned a lot. I would say to anyone considering an apprenticeship – do it! You don’t know if you don’t try. I’m glad I chose an apprenticeship; you pick up more in a work environment and it’s not so full-on that you feel like you’re in at the deep end. Everyone knows that you’re learning on the job.”

Carol praised Becky’s commitment, “she’s dedicated and she’s got a great work ethic. We’re so impressed, we’re looking to recruit a new apprentice, so the opportunity’s there for those who want to work hard. Even if there hadn’t been a job at the end of it, Becky would have walked away with a qualification, an excellent reference and the skills she needed to enter the workforce.”

To speak to the Apprenticeships team at Leeds City College call 0113 216 2337 or email