Science student aims high!

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Science student aims high!


Following this year’s Leeds City College Awards Ceremony, we caught up with A Level Sciences Student of the Year, Grace Haley, to talk about her experiences at college and her future aspirations..

What are you studying and how are you finding your course?

“I’ve picked Biology,Chemistry, Maths and Physics as my subjects because I find science interesting and I would like to study a science based degree at university.

“I found the course to be challenging at times but I’ve enjoyed it because it’s pushed me to beyond what I thought was capable. I find it very rewarding to study all three sciences and maths because I’ve learnt about things that are relevant to real life situations and when you understand why something works the way it does that’s a satisfying feeling to have.”

How did you feel when you found out you had been nominated for an award?

“When I first found out I was nominated I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never been given an award before, so it felt great to be recognised for the amount of work I’ve put into my college work.

“College has definitely helped me to feel more confident in the work I do and I feel like I’m better prepared for university life than what my old sixth form made me feel. I love that college staff treat you like an adult and it’s your responsibility to do the work to get the grades. I feel like it’s helped me take a more mature attitude to studying.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I would like to study physics or medicine in the future. I’m not certain yet because that’s going to depend on the results of my AS exams but I know that they are both equally challenging. If I pursued medicine I’d like to become an anatomical pathologist whereas if I pursued physics I’d really like to carry out research and development into the biological applications of physics.

“My experience of college has been pleasant. I quickly found the people that I fitted in with and in general I’ve found everyone is more than happy to help each other out. The teachers are supportive and flexible and if there are any issues you can talk to them about it.

“I’m glad that I picked Leeds City College for my A levels because I definitely feel like the staff here are giving me the best chance to get into university and study courses in areas that I want to pursue.”