Kirsty Pybus- LLB Law

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Kirsty Pybus- LLB Law


Kirsty Pybus, 40, LLB Law

Kirsty Pybus currently works as a CIPs leader for the College and is a Special Constable with West Yorkshire Police. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time studying and working at the College and her time here has led to many career opportunities. 

Before starting her law degree at the College Kirsty worked in the Public Services Dept and during this period she applied to become a Special Constable with the West Yorkshire Police.
As well as her work at the College she volunteered as a Youth Support Worker for Hyde Park Source with disadvantaged youths ages 13-25 and for Parent Partnership as a Parent Advocate for families and children with educational support needs.

“I am passionate about helping others and I continually want to better myself in all different ways.”

Kirsty already had in depth knowledge of how her degree worked within the college, working in partnership with Teeside University; it has been cost-effective for her and fits around her other duties within the college.

The highlights of the course for her have been learning all the different areas of Law and the diversity of her course mates. “I enjoy the challenge academically to better myself and gain further qualifications. I enjoy meeting new people, within my group and through guest speakers from all different roles within the legal profession.”

Kirsty has gained so much experience and confidence because of the facilities available at the college: “From studying here I have gained a better sense of direction as to where I would like to go in life and what I would like to achieve.” She hopes that students can see the benefits of using the College resources, especially when looking for future employment.

“I would advise students to get involved with trips, student union, use the facilities and access voluntary work within the sector they’re interested in to help gain experience and learn new and employable skills.”

Students will also benefit from Kirsty’s experience as she is pro-active in trying to organise trips to the Houses of Parliament and Armley Prison.

As a single parent of two Kirsty believes that you’re never too old to learn and improve your skills. “It builds your confidence and helps with organising your time more effectively which is an essential transferable skill when applying for work.”

Currently her main focus is balancing her time with West Yorkshire Police and the CIPs team. “I want to Strive at the new challenges within my new role in college, continue to gain as much experience within West Yorkshire Police as possible and graduate from my degree.”