Khynaat Saleem- BTEC Extended Diploma in Business

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Khynaat Saleem- BTEC Extended Diploma in Business


Khynaat Saleem is a Level 3 student studying BTEC Extended Diploma in Business who reached her potential after starting at Leeds City College.

Before joining Leeds City College Khynaat was studying for her A Levels at another Community College but felt it wasn’t fulfilling her academic needs: “I achieved lower grades than I had expected and was predicted, therefore, I decided to apply to LCC in order to show what I am actually capable of.”

Khynaat has a background of studying Law and hopes to progress in this but her Business course has allowed her to develop skills in other areas: “Since starting my course here at college, I have gained an understanding of working as an individual and in a team environment. I have enjoyed studying the different variety of units and contents, which has allowed me to explore information through the internet and other sources.”

Khynaat started at the College feeling more anxious because it was unfamiliar surroundings from her previous College but over time and with the help of the course her confidence has grown. “I wondered if I had made the right decision. However, as I started working on the coursework assignments it became very interesting and I was encouraged by my tutors and group members. My tutors have always praised me for my work and this has given me more confidence.”

Through the BTEC course Khynaat has set up business based projects and it has pushed her to a higher level in achieving predicted grades by meeting deadlines. This is always at the forefront of her mind and something that she hopes others will do when studying at Leeds City College: “For new students I would encourage them to work very hard with full commitment in order to reach their educational goals.”

The next step for Khynaat is University where she hopes to complete a Law degree. “Over the previous years I have had an interest in Law and in becoming an immigration officer as I think it is an interesting profession.” But she is keeping her options open for now!