Jordan Kennedy- Public Services Extended Diploma Level 3

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Jordan Kennedy- Public Services Extended Diploma Level 3


Jordan Kennedy completed his Public Services Extended Diploma Level 3 at Leeds City College and now has his dream job as a Police Officer.

Jordan, 21, chose to study at Leeds City College as it offered the best in innovation and creativity- something which he couldn’t find in any other college in the area.

His experience studying Public Services has opened many doors for his future: “I enjoyed the course content as it interested me massively – this was because it related to my future career prospects. The variety of subjects covered provided a valuable and generous insight into the operations and policies of the Public and Uniformed Services.”

The confidence and independence he has acquired throughout his time at the college is cohesive with his achievements. Jordan gained better communication skills through part-time work and the course which led to his work with West Yorkshire Police. “I worked as a Special Constable for five weeks before I applied for an internal vacancy of a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).” Within seven weeks he became a PCSO and after 12 months applied to become a qualified Police Officer.

The college was only two years old when Jordan enrolled and he felt lucky to be studying in such a new building with great facilities. “I would recommend the college to other people wishing to study in Leeds and surrounding areas.”
“I feel that I have achieved what I set out to achieve when starting out at Leeds City College. I feel satisfied with the job I am doing and I imagine I will be doing it for some time before I look to progress into the higher ranks.”

During his time at Leeds Jordan developed practical skills: “I have gained confidence and independence, mainly due to the positive and encouraging support and attitude of my course tutors.”

One of the best things about his course was the extra-curricular activities: “Although the college provided an enhanced learning environment with excellent facilities, it was always good to take part in activities outside the college environment. Such activities included field trips and inputs from emergency services.”

Jordan will serve a two year probationary period as a Constable and then he can apply for other departments within the Police. “Your career can go whichever way you choose to take it in this job, and in my opinion, that is one of the benefits and main selling points of being a Police Officer. No day is ever the same.”

With his experience at college Jordan would recommend anyone going down the same route to do volunteer work and get experience in the public sector if they can. “There are voluntary roles available in the Police. These are always good to get into as you become a part of the organisation and you get to know faces/faces get to know you.”

Jordan has utilised his time at Leeds City College and is now onto a successful path with a prosperous future: “Jobs such as this are not easy to come by. So many people desire the job of a Police Officer but it is one to be taken seriously. My journey has been stressful and hard, but in my opinion, it is well worth it!”