IT Achievers Profile: Christine Robson

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IT Achievers Profile: Christine Robson


Meet Christine Robson who is making waves in the IT industry at Lloyds Bank. 

After finishing studying the BTEC Extended Diploma in IT with Leeds City College in 2015, Christine has moved onto great things at Lloyds Bank. Now a Cyber Security Degree Apprentice, she talks us through what her role entails:

“I am an IT Degree Apprentice working in the Network Security team within the cyber security department at Lloyds.

Our team are in charge of updating and maintaining all of the security devices that are used within Lloyds network including; the network analysis tools, intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, DDOS prevention tools and Rogue Device Detection tools.

So basically it's our job to make sure all the tools in place are stopping any malicious users from blocking access to the network/stealing data.”