Furtuna Asefaw- Accounting

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Furtuna Asefaw- Accounting


Mature student, Furtuna Asefaw, believes that you’re never too old to learn. At the age of 40, she returned to college to improve her English and maths skills and earn a qualification in accounting.

Furtuna worked as a cleaner at Morrison’s, but due to illness was unable to carry on in full time employment. This is when she made the decision to go back into education and broaden her prospects for a brighter future.
She has a clear vision on what she wants to achieve, and is aiming for a full Diploma in AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) within the next 3 years.

“I didn’t want to be a cleaner all my life so I had a look at what Leeds City College had to offer. I was impressed with the range of courses and support available. My English and maths skills are improving day by day with the help of my encouraging tutors and I’m very excited for what the future holds. There really is no limit to learning no matter how old you are and what you’re doing in life.”

Furtuna’s tutor, Wendy Lane commended her, saying: “She’s an excellent student who works above and beyond. She knows what areas she needs to improve in and is making time to learn and develop. It’s clear that Furtuna’s hungry to learn and hopefully her success and enthusiasm will inspire other adults who are thinking of changing career, to continue learning.”