Bright future for science student

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Bright future for science student


Student Alessandro Abdel Miseih, 17, is studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Leeds City College. Here, he tells us his story on overcoming language barriers and striving for success.

My family and I moved to this country in May 2015. As soon as I got here, I applied to a local school to study A-levels in science, which is what I was studying in my hometown of Rome, Italy. Following a taster day, the teachers thought that my English wasn’t good enough to cope with A-levels. As I didn’t want to lose years studying English, I started to apply for a place at other institutions.

Luckily, I managed to enrol at  Leeds City College. The tutors gave me the support I needed which allowed me to make great progress. I developed my confidence speaking English and really started to flourish, resulting in three As in my mock exams.

I really enjoy the practical experiments we do in Biology and Chemistry, as it puts the theory into practice and allows you to understand how Science works. Throughout the year, we also do a lot of exam practice to train our brains, which makes you think and improve by learning, and not just memorising. It’s really helpful how every teacher writes a ‘teaching pack’, with all topics summarised and made easier for us to remember.

My ambition is to study Medicine and become a doctor. I enjoy learning about the human anatomy, and love its complexity and the way everything in us is perfectly made to work the best way possible. Mechanisms that none of us notice, allow us to survive. In biology this year, we studied the gas exchange and the transport systems which I found interesting.

I’m aware of how hard is to get into medicine, but I’ll do my best and I’ve organised some work experience to improve my UCAS application and to learn more about the subject. I’m certainly looking forward to my future.