A Level student profile: from sixth former to college star

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A Level student profile: from sixth former to college star


Exceptional A Level student, Liv Powell, 18, tells us her story on choosing college over sixth form and how her decision has helped define her strengths and ambitions.

What A Levels are you studying and why did you choose Leeds City College?

I have just completed A Levels in English Literature, Politics and History. I have always had a passion for History and English, whilst Politics was a subject I wanted to explore further. I originally started my AS Levels at school but I failed them due to lack of support and the general school environment wasn't for me. I decided to apply for a place at Leeds City College as I believed it would be the right setting for me to thrive.

What did you enjoy most about your studies?

My tutors were extremely supportive and encouraged me to reach my full potential. I enjoyed getting involved in debates in Politics classes as they allowed me to understand topics better and listen to other people's views.

Thanks to the advice and guidance of my tutors, I realised I wanted to pursue a career in History or Politics and I already have a conditional offer from the University of Leeds to study International History and Politics which I'm very excited about.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I would love to study for a Masters degree followed by a PhD, to ultimately become a History Researcher. My tutors have been instrumental in my ambitions to continue learning and pushing myself further.

What would you say to students who are thinking of studying A Levels?

I would recommend studying A Levels at college as it's a great alternative to school sixth forms. The quality of teaching is much better and you are treated and respected like an adult. It was certainly the best decision I made, and without Leeds City College I wouldn't be where I am now.