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The College



Students, Staff & Stakeholders

At Leeds City College, he hope that our staff and students feel included, welcomed, and able to give feedback in lots of ways. As such, it is vital that we listen to your thoughts and ideas about how things work and what we do.

‘Engagement’ is the phrase for just that: the various ways in which we can all can get involved and have our say. Effective communication, consultation, and representation important elements of engagement, but there are lots of other ways this happens at Leeds City College including:


  • Student voice e mail / online feedback system.
  • Students' Union meetings.
  • Representation at Campus Management meetings / Course Rep meetings.
  • Regular student surveys.
  • Focus groups.
  • Students' Union president attendance at Executive Leadership Team and Governor meetings.
  • Attending Impact Assessment meetings.
  • Representation at cross-college meetings i.e. Equality & Diversity committee, task groups etc.
  • Student Governors.
  • Student conferences.
  • Student Parliament Meetings (chaired by a College Governor).
  • Students' Union Officer / Student Engagement Officer (SEO) liaison at all Campuses.
  • Student engagement activities at all Campuses.
  • College student magazine 'Extrovert' produced by the student body.
  • Student Suggestion Scheme.
  • Student voice section of the intranet.
  • Competitions and national awareness campaigns.
  • College online social networking.


  • Induction sessions for all new staff starters.
  • The staff intranet.
  • Principal's weekly blog.
  • Monthly Joint Consultative Committee to engage with staff through the unions.
  • Staff surveys including the annual staff satisfaction survey.
  • Committees including Health & Safety / Equality & Diversity.
  • Campus management meetings.
  • Staff Governors.
  • Staff awards (under review).
  • Staff suggestions scheme / Ask the Principal email address.
  • ELT staff briefings (Q & As).
  • All-staff emails.
  • Campus staff emails.
  • Internal communications staff campaigns.
  • Departmental blogs.
  • Staff development days / conferences / in-house training.
  • 'Learning First@ online update.
  • Communities of Professional Practice (CoPPs) / Google+ communities.
  • College online social networking.

Other ways to give feedback:

Learner View:  gives students the chance to tell Ofsted what they think about their further education and skills provider.

Parent View: gives parents the chance to tell Ofsted what they think about their child’s education provider.

Employer View: gives employers the chance to tell Ofsted what they think about a further education and skills provider.