Support for 19+ students

Student Support

Financial Support for 19+ students


If you have a gross annual household income of £26,000 or below, you could be eligible for support with meals and travel at Leeds City College.

Awards may also be made to students in the following circumstances:

  • Students with a gross annual income of £ £16,009.50, based on the Social Mobility Commission's low pay threshold of £8.07 per hour in 2016 and on the assumption of a 37.5hr contract with paid statutory holiday entitlement) or less per year if a single person living independently.
  • Students with an annual gross income of £7,400 or less per year if single, not living independently but within a household such as with parents, carers, relatives or friends.  



You may be able to receive assistance with the cost of travel to and from College if you live more than 1.5 miles from your campus of study. The shortest walking routes on Google Maps is used to calculate the distance.

Passes may be provided for use on First West Yorkshire buses, Arriva, Trans Dev and Metro. This is at the discretion of Leeds City College and the most suitable method of transport will be determined upon receipt of a successful application. 

Discretionary Meals

By studying at Leeds City College, you may be eligible for a meal worth up to £2.75 for every day that you are timetabled to attend.

If you live in a household with an income below £26,000, your student ID card may also be used as a cashless card in canteens across Leeds City College’s campuses.

Similarly, if you are attending a placement you may receive a cash-equivalent voucher to the value of £2.50 per day to be used in at a supermarket of your choice.

You may also be entitled to support with childcare costs.

To apply for the financial support, you must be enrolled on an eligible Leeds City College Course. Go to: