Careers Plan from January 2018

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Careers Plan from January 2018


Leeds City College Careers Plan from January 2018

● Write a new strategy in response to the December issued DfE Careers Strategy and Gatsby Benchmarks

● Work towards accreditation in Quality Careers Standards

● Create a brand and marketing materials for Careers, Work Experience and Progression

● Within each department identify a careers leader to cascade and drive the use of information and resources by colleagues to ensure students are able to use careers information to support their individual careers plan

● Training for coaching tutors and curriculum careers leads on the following good practice approaches to:

○ Giving advice to students about progression choices and ensuring that these choices are realistic and attainable for each student

○ One to one action planning

○ How to find and use good quality LMI

○ Promote use of resources selected and developed by the careers team

○ Skills development to support students transition to their next destination, for example CVs and applications for apprenticeships, HE and jobs

● Re-engaged with Careers and Enterprise Company - linking to new Enterprise Coordinator

○ Identify the support they can provide and start planning activity accordingly

● Review the work experience and career plan (with LMI included) as part of Business Planning with each school/department. To be monitored and the quality measured throughout each academic year

● Extend the student leaders programme to include careers champions and alumni to inspire careers choices and pathways

● Work experience evidence/reflection log to measure progress of steps towards career goals.

● Monitor and track enrichment activities so all career link activities and skills have been captured on ProMonitor

● Establish a standard suite of reports to monitor quality and impact

● Extend the careers programme within the tutorial programme to be delivered through the academic year

● Engage more employers into careers delivery i.e. talks, visits to college, campus events, mentoring and make it explicit that this is careers delivery

● Prepare employers to deliver to students and debrief employers to enhance good practice

● Engage alumni to inspire students in their careers choices and pathways

● Manage resources on google and other digital platforms, to ensure all information is accessible, current and relevant

● Create with Marketing a web page (landing page) to link to the website that provides careers advice to future, current and past students

● Drive the use and impact of Careers Coach across curriculum, working with Marketing to ensure that this tool is fit for purpose

● Develop and promote suitable resources to link English/Maths and digital skills to careers activities

● Develop display resources for each school/departments linking case studies to career pathways and LMI data and monitor that these have been used

● Embed the Independent study (personalised careers plan) supported through tutorial programme (January 18). Monitor the completion and quality of work

● Broker sector based progression events to promote internal progression, apprenticeships, HE and employment

● Build capacity through delivery partnerships to enhance the breadth of the programme

● Ensure students have the opportunity to access specialist guidance when making a complete transformation to their career plan

● Monitor and report on the reach of the programme

● Drive social mobility activities including aspiration and motivation

● IAG training delivered to build capacity of other college teams, new IV and additional assessors identified/trained.