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Digital Literacy – Preparing for Universal Credit

This course is recommended for those with no previous or limited experience in IT or for those with low confidence in using digital literacy.

Digital Printing Level 2

This qualification is aimed at those who are outputting files and operating/maintaining a digital print machine that is either laser or inkjet based.

Pre-Press for Print (Digital Artwork) Level 3

This qualification is aimed at those who carry out the processing of digital files to plate, screen or cylinder.

Digital Media Level 1

If you have an interest in developing skills in creative media including digital photography, desktop publishing, video and audio production

Studio / Creative Digital Photography - Leeds City College

This course combines a detailed introduction in how to get the best from your digital camera with a specialist introduction to taking photographs in a professional studio.

Digital Media Level 2 Technical Diploma

Through the creation of media products, students gain an insight into how the media industry works.

Digital Technology Industries Extended Certificate Level 1

This qualification runs over one year and gives you the opportunity to do a level 1 programme at an introductory stage.

Digital Artwork (Graphic Design) Level 2

This qualification is aimed at those who are creating and editing digital artwork for print. you will be required to edit/design a range of products for commercial and/or internal use.

Pre-Press for Print Level 2

This qualification is for those who are creating/editing digital files for output to film, plate, screen or cylinder. It will cover areas of imposition, pre-flight checks and the ripping of data.

Art and Design Level 1 Diploma

Explore Drawing Explore Painting Explore Printmaking Explore Mixed Media including Digital and Photographic Explore 3D Fine Art Explore and Create Surface Relief Explore 3D Design Crafts