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School of Health, Science and Social Care


School of Health Science & Social Care

Interested in working in a Health, Science or Social Care setting or career? Interested in supporting people in a variety of ways and times in their lives?

Our curriculum experience sessions will focus on the core values and themes that you need to work with people and in the sector. You will investigate the roles and responsibilities of different jobs, participate in creative activities and explore potential future careers. All our staff have worked and studied in the Health and Social Care sector so can provide you with real examples and hopefully answer all those burning questions!

Our learners go on to university and jobs in a wide range of settings from Nursing and Social Work, to psychology, sociology, support work, care work, mental health, nutrition, health promotion and much much more! Work experience is a key part of developing your skills and understanding the work environment. We even have trips abroad to work, live and experience the care systems of other countries.

Our courses include Level 1, 2 and 3 as well as Access to Higher Education and Foundation Degrees.

Length of session: 1 hour

Year Group: Year 9, 10 & 11

Max amount of students: 15

Venue: School or College