School of Creative Arts- TV and Film

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School of Creative Arts- TV and Film


School of Creative Arts

Length of session: 90 minutes - 2 hours

Year Group: Year 10 & 11

Max amount of students: 14

Venue: Either - students would need access to computer which can run the required software 

1 . Introduction to Video Editing - Adobe Premiere Basics

A taster session where students will get an introduction into the industry standard digital editing tool, Adobe Premiere. Students will learn how to create a project, add audio, apply, transitions, change colour, adjust speed and apply motion controls in producing a short montage sequence using stock footage.


2 . Creating A Theatrical Trailer using iPad

An interactive session where students will use the templates within Apple iMovie to produce a theatrical trailer for a film in a genre of their own choosing. Students will film, edit and star in their own trailer creating a professional looking polished end product.


Please note: Half/ Full Day Sessions are also available please contact the Liaison Team for more information.