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School of Computer Science


School of Computer Science

Length of session: 1 hour

Year Group: Year 10 & 11

Max amount of students: 10

Venue: College - Printworks Campus


Cyber Security 

Are you interested in a career in computing but not sure what? There are so many areas to choose from and the Computer Science department will help you decide which course is the most suitable for you. We work with the backend of computing, which is the most interesting area, that makes it all work!

From the design, programming, content, security and networking, to putting it all together and seeing it work, we will give you hands-on experience of all the latest industry software and hardware plus the opportunities for work experience either in Leeds or abroad.

There are lots of opportunities when studying with us to work with local businesses, you can take part in special employment opportunities that we arrange locally in Leeds/Bradford or you can take advantage of the opportunities to do a fully funded three week placement in Europe.

Our aim is to prepare you so that you are either job ready for immediate employment, an apprenticeship or progressing to Higher Education, You can undertake a more general first year and then decide on a specialised pathway to suit your career aspirations.


Computer Science

If you attend our curriculum experience sessions, you can have a choice of either:

Networking and Cyber Security

You will be introduced to the fundamental principles of a computer network as well as joining several computers together to create a Local Area Network. You will also investigate the various protection mechanisms available to stop attacks!

Software Development and Roboteknix

You will be introduced to software development and programming and will look at controlling technology such as a robotics using simple programming techniques.