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Current Projects:

KA1: VET Mobility,


Planes, Trains & Mobilities to VET Opportunities across Europe. – This project will focus on the established international commitment from LCC to provide meaningful work placements to over 200 students across 15 European countries.


The Sky is the Limit: Recognising the Potential of VET Learners Through Engagement in European Mobility -  Currently near completion, learners who have participated on this project have enjoyed undergoing work placements to 27 partner colleges and organisations.

KA2 VET Mobility

First Things First - The goal of this project is to promote safe work methods, chemical and cosmetics safety and legislation, ergonomics, knowledge about microbiology, allergies and allergens through analysis and cooperation of 4 partner colleges situated in The Netherlands, Finland, Spain and Estonia.  


Past Projects

Pro-ECVET – Looks at the skills and training requirements of the staff, who co-ordinate and support mobility placements abroad, with particular reference to the implementation of ECVET. ECVET is the European system which enables students’ time in their work placement to be counted as part of their UK qualification. The College is working with partners from France, Germany, Greece & Hungary.

V-Games: This project aims to devise a game based learning environment which will stimulate interest in students to learn the technical features of programming.

The project was devised by an ICT tutor at LCC and the TF&I Team, with support from the Creative IT curriculum, is the lead partner.

The College is working with partners from Greece, Italy, Estonia, Malta & Romania to design, implement & create a game fit for use by October 2016.

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The V-Game project aims to harness the inherent skill & enthusiasm that students have for online games and to channel this towards the learning of a basic programming language.

Programming languages do not have national barriers, ensuring that the skills developed will be transferable throughout Europe.

ELOCASS (European League of Cooks & Service Staff): The aim of this project was to develop professional competence of trainees in the fields of Hospitality & Catering whilst also improving their soft skills, and enhancing their knowledge of professional practice and cultural difference. Trainee chefs & restaurant service staff, tutors & representatives from Hospitality & Catering collaborated with 6 Vocational Colleges in Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy & UK,

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