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Toni & Gerhard’s Snowsport shop, Austria

Toni and Gerhard’s Snowsport Shop is situated in the ideal position at the Base Lift Station in the Alpendorf ski area. The shop is a small retail outlet, offering ski and board hire facilities.  It caters for individuals, families, and large organised groups brought in by holiday companies. There is also a Snowsport school based at Alpendorf that enjoys a mutually beneficial partnership with the Snowshop; Toni runs the school and Gerhard the hire business.


Obnochi Akademie, Czech Republic

Obnochi Akademie is a school in Mlada Boleslav, which offers the following types of studies:

1) Business Academy- A secondary vocational school that specialises in business and marketing studies preparing its graduates for entrepreneurship and business life.  

2) Economic Lyceum – A combination of grammar and vocational school. After passing final exams, students are prepared for further studies at various branches of universities, e.g. economic, pedagogical, faculties of law.

3) Extension Business Studies – college studies offering the branch of Financial Management. Its graduates are able to find positions as managers and special officers of accounting, financing and budgeting.

4) State Language School – A foreign language courses for the public. It teaches English, German, French, Russian, Spanish including preparation for internationally recognised language exams and certificates.


Social-og Sunhedsskolen Fyn, Denmark

The Social and Health Care College Funen is an independent institution under The Ministry Education. The College educates health and social care helpers, level 3 EQF, health and social care assistants, level 4 EQF, and childcare assistants, level 4 EQF.

Furthermore, the college have basic modules within Health, Care and Pedagogy for students coming directly from secondary school. The college provides several CPD courses for educated staff.

In 2015, approximately 1400 students graduated from the College. 


Kuressaare Ametikool, Estonia

Kuressaare Ametikool (Kuressaare Regional Training Centre) is a regional training centre of vocational education that functions in the administrative field of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science. The mission of Kuressaare RTC is to prepare people to be competitive in the labour market (both in Estonia and abroad) in a constructive life-enhancing way.


Kotkan-Haminan seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä, Finland

The Joint Authority of Education in Kotka-Hamina Region runs an education institute called Etelä-Kymenlaakso Vocational College (Ekami). Ekami provides initial vocational training, further training and apprenticeship training in over 30 different fields. Ekami operates on five campuses in cities of Kotka and Hamina and places emphasis on customer-oriented educational services in order to offer acquirements for working life and further vocational education.


Kouvola Vocational College, Finland

Kouvola Region Vocational College (KSAO) is a multi-disciplinary vocational institution. It is owned by the City of Kouvola. The college offers vocational upper secondary education and training in 50 different professions, in seven sectors. For adults the college offers further vocational qualifications, specialist vocational qualifications and courses. Adults can study for qualifications through In-service training; Apprenticeship training; Competence test system; and Labour market training (adult employment training).

The college has close co-operation with the economic markets and changes in the labour market have a direct impact on education programmes.


OSAO Oulu Vocational College, Finland

Oulu Vocational College is one of Finland’s largest vocational colleges. About 11,100 young people and adults study there. The college educates skilled professionals particularly for the needs of the business community in Northern Finland. With the needs of business in mind, OSAO offers diverse services in additional and further education.


South Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium, Finland

Saimaa Vocational College Sampo offers vocational training to young people, adults and development services to companies and communities. Diverse study modules and cooperation between various training fields enables students to develop comprehensive skills tailored to each student’s individual interests.


Sport Institute of Finland, Finland

The Sport Institute of Finland based in Vierumaki, is a national coaching and training centre for sports and physical education. The Sport Institute of Finland develops, produces, and markets high-quality coaching, training, and education services both at a national level and internationally. Their core functions are physical education, health-enhancing physical activity, and sports.


AFORMAC Europe, France

AFORMAC is a non-profit organisation professionalized in the field of social integration, placement, and certification for persons in difficulty, most of the time victims of discrimination. AFORMAC organises trainings in various sectors, from industry to services, particularly in professional sensitive fields (catering and hotel trade, industrial cleaning, domestic support and large-scale distribution).


Lycée des Métiers Jules Le Cesne, France

The Jules Le Cesne school is a vocational and technological school specialising in hotel business and services. The school consists of three sectors - a training school (hotel business and hairstyle), a vocational and technological school (hotel business, hair and beauty, fashion and business) and a training centre for adults. Situated in Le Havre, a harbour and industrial town strongly affected by a high unemployment rate, the school recruits a large amount of students from socially disadvantaged families in an aim to equip them with core employment skills.


Berufskolleg Ost der Stadt Essen, Germany

Berufskolleg Ost of Essen is German school that offers a range of courses to their students. Courses include, building construction, civil engineering, joinery, photography, catering & more. There are over 800 part-time students in 35 different apprenticeships of the German “Dual System” of education / training (students have contracts with companies and attend college once or twice a week or on week-blocks for additional training and theory courses); 400 full-time students (further education to GCSE and A level) and part-time students (incl. courses for unemployed students aged 16-18).


Käthe-Kollwitz-Berufskolleg Hagen, Germany

The Käthe-Kollwitz Vocational College (KKBKHA) was established in 1957 and now has over 2,400 full-time and part-time student. According to a study by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in 2011, the Käthe-Kollwitz-Berufskolleg and the other four colleges in Hagen were named as the five best colleges in the state North Rhine Westphalia

The KKBKHA provides basic vocational training, further training, vocational training and academic qualifications in the following fields: Hospitality and Catering, Baking and

Confectionary, Hairdressing, Floristry, Home Economics, Childcare and Social Work, Health, Social Studies and Education and Inclusive Pedagogy.


Leopold-Hoesch-Berufskolleg der Stadt Dortmund, Germany

Leopold Hoesch Berufskolleg is a vocational college that specialises in metal works, mechatronics, assembly, general information technology, CAD and CNC technology. Students undergo access courses that lead to university studies or degrees in applied science.


Paedagogisches Kolleg Rostock, Germany

The Pädagogisches College is training state approved kindergarten teachers/early childhood education teachers who are able to work with children from the ages of approximately 1 to 18 years.


Action Synergy AE, Greece

Action Synergy S.A. is an ICT R&D, training and knowledge- based applications organisation which is actively involved in the development of education technologies, training methodologies and the development of e-learning training courses.


P.A.P Corp. S.A, Greece

P.A.P Corp. is a hospitality company with basis in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company owns, and runs one city hotel in Thessaloniki, and three seasonal summer hotels in Halkidiki.

The company also is active in the catering business with FZONE, a catering department that provides the food service at the American Farm School in Thessaloniki for 800 students and faculty.


ROC van Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ROC van Amsterdam is one the largest regional education centres in the Netherlands; Its mission statement is to improve the quality of education and to become on the top five educational institutes within vocational education and training. The college has a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to internationalisation and transnational partnerships. Current courses range from Sports, International Travel and Tourism, Care and Welfare and Hospitality and Catering. 


MCAST, Malta

MCAST is the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology and is the largest vocational institution in Malta.   MCAST offers course through a number of international awarding bodies. MCAST’s mission statement that guides the College and its employees is as follows: “To provide universally accessible vocational and professional education and training with an international dimension, responsive to the needs of the individual and the economy”.


SOLSKI center za posto, ekonimijo in telekomunikacije, Slovenia

The SOLSKI centre is an educational centre for postal services, economic and telecommunication as well as specialism in sports and sports management. Based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, the centre is committed to international partnerships and provides high quality vocational education and training to students.


Modra pikica, Slovenia

The Modra pikica is a private organisation, which has a private kindergarten and Montessori educational programmes. They have a daily Montessori programme for children from 11 months to 6 years as well as other activities - Montessori trainings, workshops for parents and children and training for early language development. 


Centro Superior de Hostelería del Mediterráneo, Spain

The Centro Superior de Hostelería del Mediterráneo is an official training centre recognised by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Valencia Community. The principal activity performed by the Centro Superior de Hostelería del Mediterráneo is to train professionals that work in the Hotel Business and Tourism Sector. The organisation offers training in situ and bespoke to SMEs venues.


EASD de Vic, Spain

The Superior Design and Art School of Vic aims to connect different studies and levels through interdisciplinary subjects. They currently specialise in the following courses:

Applied Arts, Sculpture, Pottery, Graphic Advertising, Arts and Design, Desktop Publishing, Ceramics, Artistic Foraging, Artistic casts and electroplating.


Virginska gymnasiet skolan, Sweden

Virginska skolan is one of Örebro’s six upper secondary schools, has about 1100 students and is located in the centre of Örebro. The school is known for its work with student democracy, entrepreneurship and opportunities for international exchanges.


CERES, Italy

CERES is a research centre that focuses on the socio-economic impact of technological, organizational and market changes in order to identify policies adequate to favour economic growth, local development, employment and welfare in the knowledge society.


IDAN, Iceland

IDAN is a private Vocational training centre supported by the Confederation of Employers and Employees in Industry and Service. IDAN’s role is to improve the competencies and skills within companies and for employees through Life Long Learning, in food, hospitality, culinary, hair and beauty, automotive industries, building and construction, printing, metal and machinery branches and industries.


Educational School in Kopavagur, Iceland

Kopavagur is a senior secondary school in the broadest definition of the term and offers both academic and vocational education. The types of educational courses available are extremely varied and all have the shared aim of ensuring that students are well equipped to meet the demands made by society. In essence, the school provides a learning environment within which students can make an educational choice in line with their interests and talents, one that will effectively prepare them for the work market or further study.