Higher Level and Degree Apprenticeships


Higher Level and Degree Apprenticeships


The government mandate for not only more apprenticeships but more higher level ones coupled with the apprenticeship reforms will open up the doors to higher level skills and qualifications via apprenticeships for many businesses.

A huge part of making higher level apprenticeships more available is the changes to the way they’re funded.

Previously higher and degree level provision was funded either fully or in the majority by an employer. This all changes as levy payers will be able to use their funds to pay for any level of apprenticeship, while non-payers will only have to fork out 10% of the cost.

That means any employer can now recruit or (more likely) up-skill existing staff to graduate level for a maximum of £2,700 for a degree by putting them on an apprenticeship.

This makes level 4 or higher apprenticeships financially viable to many smaller businesses for the first time.

And if that wasn't accessible enough, under the reforms, you can now put somebody who already has an existing higher level qualification or degree on to a Higher & Degree Level Apprenticeship, providing it’s in a different skill/subject area.

To put that in context you can, for 10% of the cost or with levy funds put a member of your existing workforce onto a Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship even if they already have a Degree or even a Masters (as long as it’s in a different subject area).

This opens up apprenticeships as a viable training and development option to progress your employees into more senior or specialised roles within your organisation.

Of course it also makes it much cheaper to advance apprentices who start at either level 2 or 3 on to higher levels as they develop within your business creating a perfect end to end conduit for career progression.

For details of the Higher Level and Degree Apprenticeships currently offered through our University Centre - click here.


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