Hotels and Restaurants Sector Factsheet - National and Regional Overview


The Hospitality & Catering sector in Leeds City Region is projected to experience growth of 4.7% from 2016-2022 – and increase of 143,221 jobs. (EMSI Analyst 2016 data)

Although there will continue to be a high volume of lower skilled jobs, there will be an increased need for people with higher level managerial skills especially in the Hotel & Restaurant Sector – Apprenticeships are a great way to up-skill existing staff or take on higher level staff to meet these needs.

Our Hotel and Restaurant Factsheet gives a national and regional overview of the employment trends within the sector predicted over the next few years.

Now based at Printworks Campus with state-of-the-art kitchens and industry standard equipment, the Leeds City College Hospitality & Catering Dept continues to offer high quality training to Apprentices utilising partnerships with some of the country’s best-known names in the industry. To find out more about Apprenticeships offered for this sector contact us on 0113 386 1997 /