Health and Social Care Sector Factsheet - National and Regional Overview


The demand for Health and Social Care services continues to increase and the industry keeps growing at a phenomenal rate. Although skills gaps are falling (due mainly to the heavy investment in training), 21% of employers within the Health Nursing & Social Care Sector who were consulted as part of the UCKES 2015 Employer Skills Survey reported having recently experienced a skills shortage vacancy.

It’s predicted in Leeds City Region that there will be on average over 2,000 job openings each year for Care workers until 2022 – this high volume of vacancies is due mainly to poor staff retention. In fact, 12% of Health Nursing & Social Care employers had recently experienced retention difficulties (UCKES 2015 Employer Skills Survey). 

Our Health and Social Care Sector Factsheet gives a national and regional overview of the employment trends within the sector predicted over the next few years.

Apprenticeships are a great way to improve staff retention – statistics from the National Apprenticeship Service show that after finishing their apprenticeship, 71% of apprentices stay with their employer.

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