Education Sector Factsheet - National and Regional Overview


Teaching remains a large and popular sector both nationally and regionally – however, there is an emerging problem with vacancies for core subjects.

In Leeds City Region, the number of jobs for teachers, assistant teachers and support assistants will increase by 1.8%. The large number of annual openings may be indicative of the fact that 16.6% of people employed in teaching related roles in 2015 were aged 55 or over.

Our Education Sector Factsheet gives a national and regional overview of the employment trends within the sector predicted over the next few years.

Leeds City College offers a range of teaching courses through our FE Direct Programme. Apprenticeships and part-time courses are also available for those wanting to work in the education sector or become Teaching Assistants.

For more information about Apprenticeships available for the education sector contact us on 0113 386 1997 /