Benefits and Opportunities of Apprenticeships


Benefits and Opportunities of Apprenticeships


There are many benefits and opportunities for businesses that take on apprentices, enough so that Apprenticeships are clearly an investment for any business rather than a cost. Whether as a cost effective way to recruit new staff or a method for developing your work force, apprenticeships are a great way to get the skills you need in your business.

Developing your Workforce

Perhaps one of the largest, but underutilised benefits to your business is using apprenticeships to develop your existing staff. There are even more opportunities to exploit this with the reforms coming into force now allowing someone to become an apprentice even if they already hold an equivalent or higher qualification (as long as it’s in a different subject).

Couple this with the changes to higher and degree level apprenticeships and you can essentially replace most of your existing training and career development programmes in favour of a more cost effective solution in apprenticeships.

No more Skills Gaps

With Apprenticeship Standards either developed or being developed for just about every occupation and industry you can imagine, you can use apprenticeships to recruit and develop the skills your individual business needs to thrive.

Apprenticeships use both on-the-job and off-the-job training to teach the latest specific skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary for not just occupational competency but occupational success within your business and sector.

Succession Planning

Similar to the above benefits, apprenticeships can be used as conduit to develop and prepare your existing workforce and new recruits alike to develop their careers within your business to step up into more senior roles when others step down.

Never let a skills drain from employees moving on damage your business activity and available skill set again by developing replacements and important skills with apprenticeships.

Cost, Productivity and Motivation

Apprenticeships in many cases are a more cost effective way to recruit and train staff. This isn’t purely a monetary saving. A lot of the cost effectiveness is driven by apprentices learning within your business gaining valuable skills, knowledge and understanding of the way your business operates. This means an apprentice is more effective, efficient and skilled which allows them to make real and substantial contributions to increasing productivity.

Motivation is another factor worth considering. Apprentices trained in your business and kept on are likely to be more loyal and motivated to succeed. It has been widely documented that a key part of building a more loyal and motivated workforce is investing in their development and career progression and apprenticeships firmly tick this box.


Really inherent to all of the benefits linked to apprenticeships has to be the fact that somebody who learns while working the job is in a far superior position than somebody who has achieved an equivalent qualification without any on-the-job learning.

That’s before you even consider the fact that the apprentice hasn’t just worked the job while learning, but has worked that job within your organisation meaning they already have an understanding of your business and the specific requirements of the role for your business


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