Apprenticeship Standards


Apprenticeship Standards


For those of you not familiar with Apprenticeship Standards (previously known as trailblazers apprenticeships) these are the new programmes set to replace all the current frameworks by 2020.

But why should you care? An apprenticeship is an apprenticeship, right?

Actually not quite.

Frameworks are essentially courses set out to align to aspects of a job role and work towards a qualification. These qualifications, like any other, are set course content and key grading criteria by an education or examination body.

Standards, on the other hand, are linked to specific occupations and have been developed by groups of employers. A standard looks to incorporate the key skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to achieve occupational competency.

Standards can link to a qualification like a framework, but this is no longer mandatory. The focus has shifted to ensuring the right skills, knowledge and attitudes for the role are being taught while preparing a clear pathway for career progression.

Also as standards are created by a group of employers in a given sector and each standard is linked to an occupation, by 2020 we expect to see far more approved Apprenticeship Standards than there were ever Frameworks.

This will result in more choice between more specific apprenticeships all designed by employers in each sector to specifically meet the skills they need in any given job role.

Standards will revolutionise apprenticeship provision by delivering higher quality, more flexible, relevant and purpose built apprenticeships.

But that’s not all.

Standards are assigned to a funding band and employers can negotiate on price and content meaning providers now need to work with employers to develop more bespoke packages.

Quite simply the employer is firmly in the driving seat when it comes to apprenticeship provision.


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