Dr Nena Skrbic

Education and Training Award (Level 3)

Dr Nena Skrbic


Curriculum Area Manager – Teacher Education


Teacher Education


Room x.24, Horsforth Campus, Leeds City College

Professional profile:

Nena has been a teacher in the Education and Training sector for thirteen years. Her doctorate is in English Language and Literature. She has taught English to ESOL learners and native speakers in an Education and Training environment from 2002 to 2004. Nena's journey into training other teachers began in 2005. Training other teachers gives her an opportunity to work with practitioners from diverse settings. One of her key research interests is how teacher education curricula can be adapted to meet the wide range of interests, cultural backgrounds and needs that trainees in the Education and Training sector have. Currently, Nena is Curriculum Area Manager for Teacher Education at Leeds City College. She has recently published on learning objectives and is currently undertaking research on the subject of College Based Higher Education (CBHE).