Meet the teachers

Education and Training Award (Level 3)

Meet the teachers

Meet the teachers that will help you through your time at Leeds City College


Anita Collins

Anita has been working in education since 1991 as an English language, literacy and literature teacher. She has been involved in delivering Teacher Education at Higher and Further Education levels

Dominic Brockway

I started teaching IT after completing my Masters Degree study course. I have worked previously as a Curriculum Manager within IT.

Mervyn Lebor

Mervyn has been a lecturer since 1975, teaching Language, Literature, Media, Art and Education.

Dr Nena Skrbic

I have been a teacher in the FE and Skills Sector for nine years. My doctorate is in English Language and Literature.

Susan McGarroch

Susan has been working in further education since 2003, firstly as a literacy and numeracy tutor within the workplace as well as the college environment.