Foundation Studies

A bespoke curriculum offer for those learners with learning difficulties / disabilities, and those who have an EHCP or SEND needs.

Foundation Studies Programme Overview

A bespoke curriculum offer for those learners with learning difficulties / disabilities, and those who have an EHCP or SEND needs.

The Foundation Study Programme incorporates a bespoke curriculum that promotes Independent Living, Community Inclusion, Health & Wellbeing and Employment Opportunities. Each course has a progressive and differentiated curriculum to meet individual student’s needs. The course is suited to students who have a mild to moderate learning disability and / or who need support with managing emotions and behaviour. We accept those learners are 16-18 years old or those who are 19-25 and therefore we provide high levels of individual educational and pastoral support.

Personal Progression

This is the first tier of our programme of study. It is a Personal, Development, Behaviour and Welfare curriculum that focuses on students developing choices and behaviour for learning. This helps students to explore and make choices and therefore start to develop goals for the future, this being either to progress into further education, work or into semi / independent living.

Independent Living & Community Inclusion - Preparing for Independent Living

Independent Living Tier 2 - This is a life skills based curriculum for students to develop a sense of who they are and their place in the wider community. Courses in this pathway are designed for students who have learning difficulties and disabilities for whom vocational courses and full time work may not be an option. The course aims to develop students’ life skills and independent living skills. Course themes include basic cooking and household tasks, enrichment events, managing a personal budget, communication skills, personal and social development.

Independent Living Tier 3- This is a life skills based curriculum where students develop advanced independence skills to prepare them for supported, semi or independent living. Empowering the student to function as independently as possible, whilst embracing the individual’s needs. Course themes include personal hygiene, telling the time, practical maths and English, accessing the community and healthy living, maintaining a house and garden.

Work and Supported Internships -  Preparing for Voluntary or Paid Work

Work Tier 2 - This is a work skills based curriculum for students to develop a sense of who they are, what skills set they have and the area of work they would like to progress into in the future. This enables them to take part in real life work experiences both individually and in small groups. This course includes aspects of independent living, community living and working with others.

Work Tier 3 - This is a work skills based curriculum offer where students develop advanced work skills and start to participate in internal or external work placement opportunities. Empowering students to put into practice the skills learnt within a classroom setting and become a valued team member within a workplace. Students who take part in this offer will have opportunities to gain work experience with real local businesses as well as working with each other in tutorial and enterprise projects.

Pre Internships

For those students who are not ready for a full Supported Internship course, we offer a pre-internship programme. These students would still get the opportunity to gain valuable work experience within the college setting such as Catering, Ground Maintenance, Gardening, Receptions, working in a retail outlet and working with the student union.​

Supported Internships

This is a work skills based curriculum where students will work with external companies and large organisations such as KPMG, National Express, Local Authority, Parks and Countryside / Leeds Catering Agency and Leeds Cleansing Department. They will be supported by our expert team of Job Coaches. Job roles and responsibilities will be carved out specifically for the students strengths.

All students will have access to the following as part of their main study programme:

Progression PathwaysThis is a varied curriculum that offers students the opportunity to study towards a specific course or career. Courses are designed so that other students can take part to fit in with their hobbies and interests. Students will build a portfolio of work whilst others may wish to study a qualification to help them prepare for their next steps in either further study, work or Supported Internships. All courses will include some work experience that is appropriate to the learners ability, this may be as an individual, with support or as a group with their tutor. Courses include – Horticulture / Gardening / Small Animal Care / Retail / Enterprise / Sports and Leisure / Catering & Hospitality.

English & Maths Students will also be able to develop or enhance their English and Maths skills appropriate to the learners ability, this may be towards a qualification or building a portfolio of evidence. There will also be an opportunity for learners to develop these skills in practical way, handling, using money and paying for items.

Tutorial Students will also be allocated a personal tutor who will provide them with pastoral support, information, advice and guidance and help them to progress through their learner journey.

If you feel that any of the courses are suitable option then we can arrange for them to come in and speak to one of our Programme Manager and be interviewed for the course.

If you would like to arrange for a meeting for any of the courses listed below then please contact Gillian Crowther on 0113 2846682 or Catherine Stead on 0113 2846675.