Claire Sayers

Access to Higher Education Diploma: Health Science Professions (Level 3)

Claire Sayers

I’m Claire, 29 years old from Leeds and I’m a first year adult nurse student at Leeds University. I previously worked as a travel agent which I enjoyed but it just wasn’t enough, I wanted to work with people and make a difference when they needed it the most.

I decided to enrol for night school at Leeds city college to re-do my GCSE maths and science whilst still working full time, I also started to look at voluntary work so I joined St John Ambulance and started volunteering in a local hospital. I really enjoyed studying again as I failed all my exams first time around at school getting mainly Ds and Us but because I was doing it for something I really wanted to do I ended up getting a B in science and C in maths and I was over the moon.

It was hard as I was working full time, committing to voluntary work and studying, it isn’t easy but it was worth it. I then went on to study the Access to Health Science at Leeds City College and this was the best decision I have ever made! The course was fantastic, really informative and a good stepping stone onto university. It is intense at times and hard work, but again because I knew how much I wanted to be a nurse I gave it my all, a lot of the subjects I found quite difficult but the thought of becoming a nurse just kept me going. I made some amazing friends and the teachers were fantastic, the academic support is great.

I finished my Access course with all credits at distinction and now I am at the University of Leeds studying Adult Nursing and I absolutely love it! I left the travel agency and I now work in a nursing home. It makes me so proud to think how far I have come, from failing my GCSEs first time around to now being a Leeds University  nursing student, and all of this is due to dedication and hard work but big thanks to Leeds City College. I would recommend the Access course to anyone! Follow your dreams and go for it!