Aster Dhugassa Furi

Access to Higher Education Diploma: Health Science Professions (Level 3)

Aster Dhugassa Furi

After studying on the Access Health Science Access last year at Horsforth Campus I am now studying Adult Nursing at University of Bradford. If I may, I would like to share my experience of the Access Course at the Leeds City College with you!

First of all, I would like to congratulate all my Access Course friends (which are many!) who made huge effort in completing the course successfully and gaining places at University. The efforts from the Lecturers in shaping and preparing us for academic life was remarkable. I salute them in helping us achieve our goals and ambitions and got us through this intensive one year course.

The support staff at Leeds City College also helped us with our progression which was fantastic. Coming back into education can be difficult, but from my experience I can look back and see how much hard work they put in.

The Access Course is there for purpose. For those of you who are striving to join higher academic institutions, this course will enable you to reach your potential in making a real difference in your life. The College is well resourced with highly qualified staff having working experience in the health care sector. You can be confident in realising your potential.

Finally, I wish anyone applying the best of luck and those who are already on the course work hard and keep at it!