Angela Berkeley

Access to Higher Education Diploma: Health Science Professions (Level 3)

Angela Berkeley


I left school with very few GCSE’s and have been a full time mum for the last 8 years.  Noticing my children grow up and becoming more socially independent made me think about what I wanted for myself in the future. I had never thought much passed having children and lacked the confidence to go back to work. I began to think that, maybe if I went back into education, I could build on my confidence, meet new people and provide me with a sense of self that I had lost after focusing so much of my time on my children. I had always been interested in audiology, since discovering my son had hearing problems, and began to research what qualifications I would need to become an audiologist. Once I spoke with a career guidance officer at Leeds City College, I decided to apply for the Access to HE Diploma  Science  at Leeds City College. I worried so much about not being smart enough to complete the course, and possibly being the oldest one there, but I soon found that my fears were unfounded!

The course was challenging, especially with juggling family life, but I swallowed my pride, set my fears aside and asked tutors and support staff for additional help. It worked to my advantage, and in comparison to the person I was a year ago, who felt like turning round and running back to the safety of family, a year later, I am continuing to pursue a career in audiology and have been accepted at the University of Leeds. Without the Access to Higher Education course provided by Leeds City College, I would not be where I am today. The course not only enabled me to understand the core concepts of Human Biology and the Social aspects of Health education, but also helped me improve on myself as an individual, through developing study skills and reflective exercises. The college offered many forms of guidance and support, and the structure of the course, through teaching and assignments enabled me to understand the content and fulfil the criteria necessary for entrance to University.

My advice to anyone, who like me, had not studied in a long time and harboured fears of failing, would be to be open-minded and at least TRY! It’s always nice to dream, but so much better to live the dream.

Angela Berkeley
Class of 2013-14
Access Science and Health (Now Health Science Professions)