A level Music

A level Music

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A level Music

A level Music aims to provide you with skills and knowledge in the areas of solo and ensemble performance, composing, and developing musical understanding.  The course is taught by specialist staff, who are all practicing musicians. 

You will study the A level music course at Leeds College of Music's state of the art facilities in Leeds City Centre. As part of your interview you will need to audition with your instrument.

Duration 2 years
Study mode Full Time
Start date 02/09/2019
Campus Leeds College of Music
Course code 15297-01

What you learn

There are three main areas of study in the AS course:

  • Performing Music: Solo & Ensemble.  Students perform as soloists and/or as part of an ensemble choosing music from any style
  • Composing: You will compose an original piece in a style of your choice.  This could be a piece of vocal music, a piece for a small ensemble or an electronic piece.  Students may also work with notation and record their work
  • Developing Musical Understanding: theory, history, score reading & analysis.  Students will study these aspects of music with their tutor in order to prepare themselves for examination

There are three main areas of study in the A level course:

  • A Musical Performance:  You will prepare for a solo performance, choosing a piece or pieces to work on with your tutor.
  • Developing Musical Ideas:  You will explore compositional technique and compose an original piece in a style of your choice for acoustic and/or electronic instrumentation
  • Music in Context:  You will learn about the Western Classical Tradition and the four decades of Jazz and Blues from 1910-1950

Benefits / Skills you will develop

On this course you will:

  • Develop your practical musicianship as a solo performer and/or as part of an ensemble.
  • Learn compositional techniques which allow you to develop your creative side through original musical compositions.
  • Develop your aural perception skills, understanding of harmony, knowledge of musical styles, contexts and historical musical development.

How you will be assessed

Performing Music: you will be assessed through recorded practical performance in college

Composing: you will produce work in controlled classroom conditions.

Developing Musical Understanding: you will sit a 1hr 45m listening and history examination marked externally.

A Musical Performance: you will be assessed through a 10-15 minute recorded practical performance in college which is externally moderated

Developing Musical Ideas: you will produce work in controlled classroom conditions over 20 hours. This is then externally marked.

Music in Context: you will sit a 2hr 15m listening and history examination which is marked externally

Where is the course delivered (facilities / classrooms)

The course will be delivered in dedicated and well-equipped teaching rooms at Leeds College of Music in Leeds City Centre.

Please note you will need to audition with your instrument as part of your interview. 

Entry requirements

The general requirements for direct entry to our 2 year A level programmes are 5 GCSEs including English and Maths at grade A*-C or equivalent, plus 2 additional GCSEs or BTECs at grade A*-C or the equivalent.

For students applying with new 1-9 grade tier GCSE qualifications in Maths or English, we will consider a grade 4 as equivalent to grade C in terms of our general entry requirements for September 2017 entry. However please be aware that specific subjects may require grade 5 or above in GCSE English or Maths.

Applicants with 5 GCSEs at grade A*-C including English and Maths, but without the 2 additional A*-C equivalent qualifications may be considered, dependent on individual circumstances, at the discretion of the Deputy Head or Head of A levels.

Students with a GCSE average score of below 5.7 (mostly Cs at GCSE) will follow the 3 A level programme, whilst students with a GCSE average score of 5.7 (mostly B and above at GCSE) or above are encouraged to study 4 A level subjects. Our expert staff will help you to work out your expected average GCSE score for guidance.

In addition to our general entry criteria, some subjects have their own additional criteria.

Additional Entry Criteria - GCSE Music at grade A*-C and/or grade 5 Practical and grade 3 Theory (or equivalent).


What's next

This course equips students to study music at degree level and pursue a music-related career, as well as developing a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music.  Students may go on to take Music, Music Technology and Music Engineering as a degree subject, leading to working in the music industry, performing, recording or teaching.

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