A level Law

A level Law

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A level Law

Studying A level Law provides you with the opportunity to gain a real insight into our legal system and the legal framework that underpins our society, and how this affects ordinary citizens. 

Duration 2 years
Study mode Full Time
Start date 02/09/2019
Campus Leeds Sixth Form, Park Lane Campus
Course code 15297-01

What you learn

In the first year, you will focus on where UK law comes from, looking at areas such as:

  • legal precedent
  • legislation
  • European Union law
  • law reform

You will also explore the mechanisms of the UK legal system, including:

  • civil courts
  • criminal courts
  • criminal processes
  • penal system
  • the legal profession
  • lay people
  • the provision of legal services

The second year of study further develops your understanding of the key principles of criminal law in relation to specific crimes and defences.  Areas of focus are the principles of:

  • criminal liability
  • attempted crimes
  • offences against the person
  • general defences
  • non fatal offences against the person
  • offences against property


Benefits / Skills you will develop

The course encourages candidates to develop the skills necessary to analyse and solve problems by applying legal rules and to develop the ability to communicate legal arguments and conclusions clearly and succinctly.

How you will be assessed

There will be an increased push towards exams as the preferred form of assessment.  Coursework content in some subjects will be reduced or removed.  The course may involve a mix of assignments and examinations.

Where is the course delivered (facilities / classrooms)

The course will be delivered in dedicated and well-equipped teaching rooms at Leeds Sixth Form, Park Lane Campus.  Within our dedicated 'Sixth Form' area, students also have access to a permanently staffed 'Independent Learning Zone', where comfortable seating and a suite of 60 chrome-books are provided to facilitate independent study.

Entry requirements

The general requirements for direct entry to our 2 year A level programmes are 5 GCSEs including English and Maths at grade A*-C or equivalent, plus 2 additional GCSEs or BTECs at grade A*-C or the equivalent.

For students applying with new 1-9 grade tier GCSE qualifications in Maths or English, we will consider a grade 4 as equivalent to grade C in terms of our general entry requirements for September 2017 entry. However please be aware that specific subjects may require grade 5 or above in GCSE English or Maths.

Applicants with 5 GCSEs at grade A*-C including English and Maths, but without the 2 additional A*-C equivalent qualifications may be considered, dependent on individual circumstances, at the discretion of the Deputy Head or Head of A levels.

Students with a GCSE average score of below 5.7 (mostly Cs at GCSE) will follow the 3 A level programme, whilst students with a GCSE average score of 5.7 (mostly B and above at GCSE) or above are encouraged to study 4 A level subjects. Our expert staff will help you to work out your expected average GCSE score for guidance.

In addition to our general entry criteria, some subjects have their own additional criteria.

There are no additional entry requirements for this subject.


What's next

A lot of our students go on to study Law at university, allowing them to access careers in the legal system, teaching profession, police and prison sector, among others.  However, the study of Law at A level also develops critical thinking skills that provide excellent preparation for a wide range of further study and career options.

Campus Locations

Park Lane Campus

Park Lane
West Yorkshire
0113 3861997
Nearest train station
Leeds Central Station, 0.7 MilesWebsite