14-19 School Partnerships

Do more, try something new - stay on at school whilst you gain qualifications at college too.

At Leeds City College we offer and deliver a wide range of 14 - 19 partnership courses and programmes. These courses are planned in collaboration with local high schools and the city's Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres and are designed to deliver an alternative curriculum within a different environment to students.

For the next academic, year we will be offering:

  • SEND carousel (10 weeks) 
  • SEND accredited year long courses 
  • Vocational courses (year 10 and year 11) 
  • Re-engagement programmes


Places can be commissioned through individual or group school referrals in a range of different vocational areas.

For school partners please email: ian.barker@leedscitycollege.ac.uk for further details including costs and availability of places.