ABC Counselling Skills Diploma (Level 3)

ABC Counselling Skills Diploma (Level 3)

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ABC Counselling Skills Diploma (Level 3)

The Level 3 Diploma consists of 4 hrs class time & 2 hrs minimum self-study which is in preparation for a higher level of academic study at level 4, the assignments also directly link to work covered at level 4.

The course is set at a higher level than the Certificate course, but still offers a good level of support to those who want to develop their writing skills and research methods.

Theory and skills practice are more in depth, this allows learners to really understand how to apply counselling concepts to their practice. This learning will enable learners to build their confidence in readiness to start their placement work when they progress to level 4. Workshops are also a part of the Level 3 Diploma course, such as a ‘Bereavement Workshop’ where learners can develop further knowledge about specific approaches.

Self-awareness and personal development are a part of counselling training and on the Level 3 Diploma there is a variety of exercises to encourage this process. We also provide a journal for weekly reflective notes.

The Level 3 Diploma is the ideal course for those students who are motivated and passionate about counselling and who have a clear vision towards progressing and becoming an outstanding qualified counsellor. 

The course start on the week commencing 9 September 2019.

Duration 1 year
Study mode Part Time
Start date 09/09/2019
Campus Rothwell Centre
Course code 73124-01
Fee £2,225 student loan available



  • Thursday Day 10 am – 2.30 pm (30 mins lunch break) and a minimum of 1 Hour Independent Study

5 Units covered over the 1 year course

  • L/502/8225 - Counselling skills and diversity
  • K/502/8233 - Working ethically with counselling skills
  • T/502/8235 - Developing counselling skills
  • L/502/8239 - Theoretical approaches in the use of counselling skills
  • L/502/8242 - Counselling skills and personal development.

This course offers the opportunity to develop your counselling skills and your knowledge of various theoretical approaches, whilst also allowing you to work on your self-awareness and personal development. 

The 5 Units are internally assessed by your tutor. You will receive on going verbal and written feedback to support you with your work.

Other aspects of the course

  • Personal development & self-awareness exercises throughout the course
  • Weekly Journal
  • Counselling skills practice (Triads)Listener/Speaker/Observer

How will I learn

  • Direct input from tutors who have counselling experience
  • Ongoing Self Reflection and Evaluation
  • Reading on the topic
  • Research Topics & Presentations
  • Group work (Small groups and whole group work)
  • Tutorial guidance

Recommended Reading

  • Pete Sanders, First & Next Steps in Counselling
  • Margaret Hough, A Practical Approach to Counselling
  • Tony Merry, Learning and Being in Person-Centred Counselling


The Level 3 Diploma course will progress onto the level 4 Diploma course if you are successful on level 3 and have met all the necessary requirements.

Campus Locations

Rothwell Centre

14-16 Marsh Street
West Yorkshire
LS26 0AG
0113 386 1997
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