Darian Wainwright - Intermediate Apprenticeship in Business Administration



Apprentice:  Darian Wainwright

Framework: Intermediate Apprenticeship in Business Administration

Employer:  The Big Word

Darian has now achieved her Apprenticeship and secured a full time position at The Big Word as an eLearning Consultant.

Darian struggled with English at school due to her being diagnosed with dyslexia.  However, she worked extremely hard during her Apprenticeship and achieved all aims of her framework.

Darian has developed great working relationships within the company and gets on well with colleagues internal and external to her immediate department

Darian has also been chosen to visit schools to talk about apprenticeships and to identify the positives they can bring to young people as a way of getting into the world of work

The final chapter to Darian’s hard work, determination and success is that she was offered a full time permanent job in a very important role in the Learning and Development department. A professional e-learning technician, whom had several years of experience behind him, previously held this position.

Darian continues to build great working relationships to understand the need of her customers so she can convey this into the e-learning she creates.  She works hard to prove that her manager’s choice to take a chance on her last year is justified.