Bryoni McDade - Apprenticeship in Marketing



Apprentice:  Bryoni Mc Dade

Framework: Intermediate Apprenticeship in Marketing

Employer:  Jungle IT


Apprentice Comments:

I started my apprenticeship after finishing sixth form and I feel I have gained new skills and developed existing skills further.

One of the skills I feel I have developed is being keen to take on new challenges in the work place. When I am given a task to complete that I have never encountered before, I will take the task on and work through any problems I encounter. For example, for the new company website I had to make images on Photoshop and this was something that I had never done before.

When I was leaving sixth form I was unsure what my next step would be but I knew that I wanted to be in an apprenticeship. I was still deciding the career path that I wanted to do when I started applying for apprenticeships through Leeds City College. From doing this apprenticeship I have realised that this is the career path that I want to continue on.

I thoroughly enjoy the job that I do and this motivates me to excel in this career. One of my personal achievements has been updating the website. It was my job to get the content for the site, create the images and manage the customer product lists.

Employer Comments (Jonathon Asquith, Line Manager and Director):

Bryoni has shown great commitment to her role in marketing since joining the company. She has learnt Photoshop skills in her own time, developing to an intermediate level.

She has played an instrumental part in launching the new website, for which she is now the main administrator, as well as putting together the beginnings of a social media plan through LinkedIn, Twitter and Google AdWords.

The plan is take Bryoni as a full time employee, with her role progressing in to presenting our website to customers.