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Launch of Legally Minded

Legally Minded is an innovative new training programme which was officially launched at the end of April 2009, building on our existing network of connections in Legal education and training.

The decision to create Legally Minded was based on feedback from current employers, who recognised that the majority of Continuous Professional Development programmes and Management Stage 1 courses, were either based in Manchester or London and were expensive in terms of cost, time and travel.

The aim of the Legally Minded Suite of courses will be to provide every opportunity for local law firms (and law departments) to take advantage of SRA accredited programmes and their CPD points, with massively discounted government-funded programmes.

College Marketing Students are “Top Again!”

Marketing students from Leeds City College have once again swept the board at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) annual ‘Celebration of Achievements’ evening at the Electric Press in Leeds.

Over 160 students plus their tutors and guest attended the event including over 25 marketing students.

Janet Dandul won the Introductory Certificate Award out of over 40 candidates. She has progressed from a PA position at Grant Thornton UK – Chartered Accountants – into a marketing driven role, which was instrumental in her decision to join a CIM course.

Likewise, Susan Lambeth from Methley went on to win the Professional Post Graduate Diploma award. Shortly after starting the course, Susan began running the UK marketing department of Saint Gobain Glass plc, near Selby in Yorkshire. While studying she also planned her wedding, got married and went on honeymoon.

Diane Earles, Regional Director of CIM North, said:
It’s vitally important, especially in the current market, for marketers to distinguish themselves and stand out from the crowd. As competition intensifies and employers become more selective, marketers with professional qualifications will have a distinct advantage over other applicants. Qualifications, such as the ones completed by the students, can really help job-seekers to stand out when applying for jobs.

College gains from BBC Expertise

Leeds City College Technology Campus Media department have been working closely with members of BBC Yorkshire in Leeds as the College media’s suite recent refurbishment benefited from the technical input and industry expertise of BBC Studio Managers.

Senior Broadcast Engineer, Chris Perry and Technology Organiser Chris Jarmuz both played a major role in assessing the college’s studio and equipment, advising on necessary upgrades to enable the students to get first hand experience of equipment and practices used within the industry. Modifications included a complete refurbishment of the studio floor to allow a smoother surface for the students carrying out tracking shots, upgrading camera operating equipment with new pedestals aswell as acquiring an industry recognised vision mixer for the control room.

Links with the BBC Yorkshire Studio were originally set up last year and Chris Perry has worked closely with Media Tutor, Andy Lunn and Technician, Jamie Mooney to give an expert view on the things the industry looks for in order to help shape the refurbishment plans.

It has been really rewarding seeing the students using the equipment successfully” says Jamie Mooney. “We tried to select equipment that we believed would give them the best start in the industry and learn more precise skills.

The College would like to express its gratitude for the advice and support provided by the BBC for this project