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Case Studies

Providing the flexibility and
quality service you require.

We listen and speak your language

Working With The Elite Group

Complex shift patterns and travel problems proved no obstacle for Leeds City College when dealing with a major logistics company.

The Elite Group in Wortley, Leeds required English classes for their migrant workers. The college provided a tutor on site with two hour lessons planned to fit around staff shifts.

General language skills covered relevant subjects essential for their work, including contracts of employment, communicating with colleagues and Health & Safety.

Elite Processing’s Support Services Manager, Sue Hay said:
The classes are working very well. Leeds City College is tailoring courses t our staff, their working hours and the company’s requirements while providing our employees with the opportunity for continued progression.

Changing a programme to meet your needs

Working With NHS Teaching Hospitals

The NHS teaching hospitals approached Leeds City College to create a Foundation Degree programme for non-clinical staff. There were specifics that they wanted within their programme on Managing Change and Effective Communication modules, were we were able to include.

Subsequently, we have developed specific short course programmes (30 hours), through the Chartered Management Institute which then act as under pinning knowledge for NVQ’s and provide basic management skills for differing levels within the organisation.

Online delivery increasing font of knowledge

York & County Press

Over 100 students across the country are enrolled on the college’s award-winning print media courses, studying online for substantive work-based qualifications.

York & Country Press is just one of the organisations benefiting from online training. After an in-company demonstration, they signed up five of their staff for online print training. With the space of a month, the company’s confidence in the quality of online provision led to a further twenty people being enrolled for training.

The company Training Manager, Helen Hora, said:
The College has been ready, willing and able to advise, support and fulfill our needs. I cannot fault their commitment to this course and their sense of pride in providing such a useful working tool.

The online course has allowed York & County Press staff to underpin their press knowledge and has introduced new people to learning. Most of our staff would not have considered attending college and certainly the geographical location would have caused difficulties, this has effectively been overcome.