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Business Help

For any help, please contact
one of our account managers:

Park Lane Campus
e: businessschool@parklane.ac.uk
t: 0845 045 7275

Technology Campus
e: business@lct.ac.uk
t: 0113 297 6459

Printworks Campus
e: info@businesssolutionsltd.co.uk
t: 0845 680 1807

inc. enterprise, College House, Park Lane, Leeds LS3 1AA
t: 0113 216 2252
e: inc.enterprise@leedscitycollege.ac.uk
w: http://inc-yorkshire.com/inc-enterprise/

Business Help

At Leeds City College, we strive to work closely with employers across all sectors to ensure that our training provision matches industry requirements. We have a dedicated team to help you get the training you need.

Efficient, motivated staff

Over 45% of staff say that they’d feel more motivated if their organisation invested in their skills. Training gives your employees the skills and awareness to do their jobs effectively, and the initiative and ambition to drive your business forward.

Enhanced profits

Getting the right skills in place cuts waste and boosts profitability. A typical 50-employee company could save £165,000 every year by filling the gaps in its employees’ skills (Employers’ perspectives on improving skills for employment, National Audit Office, 2005).

A competitive business

Training can help keep your business competitive. Whether you’re looking for bespoke training, continuous professional development or degree-level programmes, training keeps your skills up to date and makes sure you stay ahead of the competition.

Staff retention

45% of employees surveyed would feel more valued if their employer invested in their skills. By supporting your employees’ development and helping them gain valuable qualifications, you strengthen their commitment to your company. They’ll stay longer-term, cutting your recruitment costs.

Fewer unfilled positions

In 2007, 130,000 jobs remained unfilled because no suitable candidate was available. By training your existing staff you can be sure that you always have the right person for the job.

Business Incubation

Leeds City College has three Business Incubation Centres working in partnership to support external businesses and community learners with product design, learning and development:

– inc. enterprise is a business Incubation space offering access to managed and virtual office facilities for start-up businesses. Businesses supported at inc. enterprise also benefit from variety of networking opportunities along with an access to bespoke training.

– inc. creative is a retail shop based on Cavendish Street Keighley which provides artists, designer makers and craftworkers with the opportunity to test trade their products and designs – everything from jewellery and handbags to photography and prints are displayed and sold in the shop.

– inc. workshop is a fully kitted out workshop which allows businesses and the community to make use of pay as you go machinery and services such as Screen-printing, woodwork, framing, upholstery and jewellery making – all under the supervision of trained technicians. There is a selection of creative courses on offer throughout the year.