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Leeds City College Property Strategy

property strategy 2012

Our 10 Year Property Strategy

A key aim of Leeds City College is to provide learning and teaching facilities for students and the city, which are among the best in the country.

As the third largest college in the UK, Leeds City College is working to improve its general estates portfolio to a standard which is truly befitting of its size.

In 2010, we opened the brand new £35m Keighley Campus (a five storey, award-winning building), and in 2011, we announced further plans to enhance more of our estates with an exciting 10 year property strategy.

Our property plans are phased over several years and include refurbishment, extensive renovation, and relocation of various subject areas.

The new high-quality learning environments will be modern, fit for purpose, and industry standard, and in turn generate exciting learning opportunities for our students.

At Leeds City College we are proud of our status as a flagship educational institution in the UK;
we hope this status will likewise be reflected in our innovative new campus buildings.